Mitko Gogov | North Macedonia


Because the codes are mixed up,
because a true thought is replaced
with a seemingly important one.

Because we are the generated patriots
of the unwritten history.

That’s why we’re insignificant dust,
a forgotten dying star
– a Mayan wish to be reborn.

Somewhere in the holes of the arteries
we play, warming
– like the clay bricks and the glass wool
in the storage heater.

Anatomy of warmth.

I identify myself in each pore
of the trees,
I search for the centre of my home
in the cracked dry fields.

Then with the clods I make the planetary system,
the universe of the hidden groundwater,

my Cosmos.

Translated by Nikola Gjelincheski


we wake up in need of love,
it’s simple –
more love is needed.
yet there are no such shops…

we’re fragile,
hidden in our own weight,
howling like the wind
while words
stick in our throat.

clouds too are like people,
each one of them carries its own weight.

only silence blows our hats away.

tame the restlessness within you and
speechlessness will tell stories.

Translated by Nikola Gjelincheski

Curriculum Vitae Mitko Gogov