Marina Michael Christaki

Marina Michael’s Christaki was born in Vachos, a village in the Region of Vianos, and lives in Heraklion of Crete. She has graduated from Technology of Agronomy, Pedagogical Science and European Civilization. She has an MSc specializing in Creative writing. She is a teacher of Technology in the High School of Archanes, Crete. She publishes in various literary electronic as well as printed journals poems as well as prose. Her writing work is included in various collective publishing books and journals and has received many awards from public and private sectors. She has published the poetry collection armenopetra (Mandragoras, 2021), the poetic composition: heliotypia (Mandragoras, 2022) and the poetic comrosition hartographia (Mandragoras, 2023). She won the Prize of «Debutant poet/ess» for her poetry collection Armenopetra/ Mandragoras publications, 2021. She is a Municipal Councilor candidate for the municipal elections of October 2023, for the Municipality of Heraclion Crete, Greece, under the Alexis Kalokairinos’ group named «Dikaioma stin Poli» (Right to the City).