Ruxandra Cesereanu | Romania


A poem for everybody

God stays on the internet watching the human insomnia
as the subworlds in the computer drift at extreme speed.
Nights are carbonized as all nights,
meanwhile days are sweaty because of utopias and lifebuoys.
Give me the perfect word to match in a poem for everybody,
give me the new language for sharing seclusion.


tonight I’m going to dance seven hours
for my life and my death with silken reins
then for love with rings and troubles
then for dull knives from serpentine bowels
then for fears sent cunningly no one knows where
then for god who slouches against the wall like a transvestite
then for the devil who lights the little flames in the granite chamber
and in the end I’m going to dance for the blood spilled
into the subterranean trough of an unidentified flying object
(my power of destruction and love is strong).

Translated by Adam J. Sorkin and Paul Doru Mugur

Curriculum Vitae Ruxandra Cesereanu